About Me

who is locket

Hi, i’m Locket!

I’m a 20-something recent graduate who lives to create, teach, and experience.

I’m a proud northerner who loves photography, art, poetry, crafting, cooking, reading, exploring, and learning languages.

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2016 marked one of the most transformative years in my life, including graduating university with my degree in Early Years Education and becoming an auntie for the first time! I decided to start the blog as part of my step out into the world, finding who I am and where I’m going.

The blog is a way for me to learn and experience, to find inspiration, and to share positivity with you. It’ll cover crafting ideas, ways to inspire and nurture children, ways I’ve inspired and nurtured myself, and probably lots of shiny things.

I have planned posts every Tuesday and Thursday, but I might blog as and when in addition to this!

DISCLAIMER: I use affiliate links in some of my posts. I only recommend things that I would trust and use myself. I mark these posts so you can make our own choice.