It’s World Kindness Day!

Today is one of my favourite days to celebrate – World Kindness Day!

world kindness day

The first World Kindness Day was celebrated in 1998, but I only found out about it maybe a year or two ago. So, while it’s pretty self-explanatory, given the name, what actually is World Kindness Day? Kindness UK gives their explanation as:

Kindness Day UK is celebrated nationwide annually, 13th November. It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and unites people in kindness globally.

Today is a day to embody positivity, kindness, generosity, happiness, and a bunch of other positive traits that make the world a better place. Basically, just be a good person and spread some happiness today. Yes, we should be kind and generous every day of the year, but having a day to focus those efforts is a great idea.

We can easily become complacent, easily slip into routine, and forget to see the big picture when we’ve got so many little things to worry about. But little things make all the difference.

In a world where negativity is so easily found, I think it’s incredibly important to focus on things like kindness and generosity, even if it’s just one act, on one day.


So, what can you do today? Stuck for ideas?

To help spread the word and get more people celebrating such an important day, I’ve made a round-up of a ton of little acts of kindness to help you get started.

How are you celebrating today? Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments!








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