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Hey, Lollies! It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an anxiety app so I thought I’d have a flick through and try one out.

You may have noticed I haven’t been around much for a few weeks and that’s because unfortunately we suffered another bereavement. It was sudden and shocking and so I needed to take some time away. But I’m back and what better thing to discuss today than something that helps you heal?

3 | Pacifica

Today’s app is called Pacifica and they bill themselves as an app that helps people fight stress, anxiety, and depression. It boasts of ‘relaxation and mindfulness meditation audio tools’, ‘guided self-help paths’, a health and mood tracker, ‘thought recording, journaling, and analysis’, as well as daily challenges and goal tracking. Pacifica also has a community section where people can share their own advice and successes.


It had overwhelmingly good reviews and, like all the apps I review,  it’s free to use – you do have to create an account though.

I love the themes they provide you with and the gif of the movement over the water in the main app is beautiful and relaxing. A definite favourite aspect of this app for me.

Their mood tracker is comprehensive and really easy to use – the visual element is something not all apps have. Aligned with this is their Hope and Goal tracker, letting you set aspirations and also record your achievements.

I really like the structured nature of this app and the ability to track positives and set goals.

The app also lets you keep an eye on your general health (including sleep and exercise) which can be great for identifying what exacerbates or calms your anxiety.

Their option to set daily habits is really good for when you’re not feeling great and you need a reminder to look after yourself or get some adulting done.

Speaking of getting stuff done even when you don’t want to: I love their challenges section. It is…comprehensive. There are…just a few options to choose from.


The fact that they recognise the ‘little actions’ that become so challenging when suffering from something like Anxiety and/or Depression is so endearing to me. These are people who know what it’s like to struggle and it makes me trust them to help my recovery just a little more. Having understanding about your condition and the battles you face really makes a difference in your ability to keep fighting them. I feel like Pacifica gives me all that.

This is also a theme throughout the app of not just doing the minimum to keep going or having a ‘in case of emergency’ feel to it. This app is for thriving. It’s for holistically taking back your recovery and your life. It’s for before, during, and after the panic. It’s about taking care of your health and getting back out into the world. And it’s about celebrating the little steps.IMG_0288.PNG

Final Thoughts:

I think this would be a really good app for someone just starting to deal with their mental health and recovery journey. It guides you through everything in a structured way and helps you take little steps towards improvement.

I know when I first started recovery I felt like I was spinning in the ocean – I had no idea where to start, where to go, what to do. An app like this would have really helped me break it down and start structuring those first steps.

As I noted above, this app is comprehensive and holistic, it’s about thriving and celebrating, and I think it does a really good job of walking you through the good and bad.

I’m excited to keep using this app and see how continued use affects my journey. I hope it helps you too!


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