Locket Links : July Round-Up

locket links july

Here’s some of my favourite links from this month!

5 Anxiety-Busting Self Care Techniques You Haven’t Heard of Yet | Mind Body Green

A Tiny German Apartment Packed Full of Personality (and Books!) | Apartment Therapy

Don’t Be Put Off By The Perfect Instagram Yogis, Some Of Us Drink Beer Too | Abigoliah Schamaun via Huff Post

This Man Is Trying To Rebuild A Library Burned Down By ISIS | Buzzfeed News

We’ve Got The Genius Decluttering Advice You Haven’t Heard Yet (No, Really) | Mind Body Green

Yoga for Anxiety | Natural Health Magazine

Self Care is Not a Way to Make Me Buy Stuff | Ellen Scott via Metro

This Man Came Up With A Great Way To Help Feed People In Need | Buzzfeed

Make sure you catch up on my posts from this month, too:

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10 Cute Crafts for World Emoji Day | Lolly Locket

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