Saturday Situation | 22.7.17

It’s the weekend, lollies! I hope your day is bright and restful.

Here’s the situation for me this Saturday:


Eating | Homegrown potatoes

We had pie and mash with the potatoes I harvested this week and the smaller ones are currently being prepped for another big batch of my veg soup. I love, love, love, harvesting and eating food I’ve grown myself; it’s so satisfying and fulfilling.


Reading | Telepathy by Amir Tag Elsir

I finished the first book in the Last Policeman series towards the end of the week but as I noted when I first told you I was reading it, my library only has the first and third books. I wish I’d realised before I started reading because I did really enjoy the first and want to finish the series but I’ve put a request in for the sequel so it’s just a waiting game now.

I had a poke around the library because it seemed like everything on my list was either checked out or on a wait list and picked out Telepathy kind of on a whim. It seems to have a really interesting premise but since we’ve kicked off the glut of summer jobs that need doing (we may as well be building a new house at this point) I’ve barely got through the first few chapters. So far, I’m enjoying it though, so we’ll see!

Watching | A ton of documentaries

Either Netflix has added a ton of documentaries while I wasn’t looking or I’ve just been slacking on my searching because wow, was I behind on good docs. The time spent knitting earlier this week was accompanied by a long playlist.

Listening | Not much

It’s been mostly re-listening to old episodes of some podcasts as background noise more than anything else, I’ve been so busy. Nothing that jumped out at me.

Trying | To knit socks

Listen, I’ve been knitting since I was hmmm…maybe 12? And I’ve never made anything that was not rectangular based. So I decided to challenge myself, found a nice, clear pattern, and got going. They’re lopsided, the tensions a bit meh in places, but I made my own socks! With my own hands! To go on my own feet! I’m very excited.

Loving | Homegrown and handmade

See above for details!

Whatever you’re doing I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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