Saturday Situation | 15.7.17

It’s the weekend, lollies! I hope your day is bright and restful.

Here’s the situation for me this Saturday:


Eating |My Dad’s Curry

Homemade Biryani this time around. We are such valued customers of the local takeaway that we get Christmas cards from them (!!) but I think we’ll be alternating curry nights because this was amazing.

Reading | The Last Policeman

I borrowed the first book from my library on a whim and I’m really enjoying it.

It’s apocalyptic (of course!) and follows a guy trying to solve a case in the shadow of an impending asteroid strike. I wasn’t sure of the premise at first but I was wrong. It’s great. Although for some reason my library has the first and third book in the series only?

Watching | Jericho

I couldn’t find time to sit and watch TV for a while there so I’ve not made much progress. I got hit with I think mild flu this week? Something weird is happening with me and I’ve been lying around a lot feeling sorry for myself. Thankfully no upset stomach so I could enjoy the curry but nevertheless. Perfect for trying to binge my way through while I can because I’m really enjoying it.

Listening | Nothing

I usually fit in podcasts while I’m working or cleaning and since I’ve been ill I’ve not been doing much of either.

Trying | Comping

I read someone else’s post and thought I’d give it a go. Plenty of time to type away while feeling bleh. Not won anything yet but I’ve entered a ton so I’m hopeful!

Loving | Having some downtime

The only good thing about feeling ill is all the resting up. Here’s hoping I can be busy again soon, though.

Whatever you’re doing I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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