Saturday Situation | 8.7.17

It’s the weekend, lollies! I hope your day is bright and restful.

Here’s the situation for me this Saturday:


Eating | Spiced Peach Crumble

I had a pot of peaches that were starting to get a little squishy so I made a spiced peach crumble before they could go off. So. Good. So so good. And easy to make too.

Reading | That Book, yes still.

Honestly I have maybe one sitting left, that’s all. It’s meaty non-fiction! I’ll get there!

Watching | Jericho

I love post-apocalyptic media and I don’t understand why this was cancelled because I love it! I haven’t even got halfway through the first season yet but I’m really enjoying it. I think I love apocalyptic stuff because it provides almost a puzzle to solve? So many questions about what you need to do and how people will act, I find it so interesting.

Listening | Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty

I only caught the first episode of this podcast yesterday, so I’m only just dipping in, but it caught my attention straight away.

Trying | All those minimalism tips

I got ruthless the other day and started organising a ton of stuff. Roll on the summer break when we can really get going. I’m thinking about making some kind of challenge? I need things like that to keep me on track, and I know I’m not the only one.

Loving | First of the harvest

Our summer crops are coming through and there’s something so satisfying about harvesting something you’ve watched grow from seed. And then you get to eat it which is a definite bonus! Well worth the hard work and the long wait!

Whatever you’re doing I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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