Saturday Situation |1.7.17

It’s the weekend, lollies! I hope your day is bright and restful.

Here’s the situation for me this Saturday:


Eating | Home-grown Strawberries

Our strawberries are starting to be ready to pick and I’m working my way through the first lot now. They taste so much sweeter knowing that I grew them myself.

Reading | A History of Modern Britain (Andrew Marr)


Watching | Minimalism Youtube Videos

We’ve made a big long list of all the summer jobs that need doing and top of that list is having a clear out. Life events of the last few years have meant we’ve been stocking and collecting stuff and combining households and splitting things up and moving things round and it’s led to a giant mess!

I went looking for some inspiration and ended up going down a rabbit hole of minimalism videos on youtube. While I don’t think I’m going to achieve the levels of some people, they are very motivating.

I haven’t been watching much TV, except the news lately. I think all my shows have either been cancelled, finished, or gone on hiatus for the summer. Might be time to make a list of catch-ups!

Listening | A ton of radio

I’ve started cleaning up the house a little bit and so I’ve had the radio on pretty much continuously. I think it’s time for a new podcast, as a load of mine seem to have finished as well.

Trying | To grow new plants

I’ve been trying to re-grow some new crops from scraps and it seems to be going well so far! I’m experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, where things need to go etc.

Loving | Canine cuddles

I’m dog sitting again and there’s nothing like cuddling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a snoring pup at the end of a long day.

Whatever you’re doing I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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