Even More Forest School Activities

Even More Forest School Activities | Lolly Locket

What is Forest School?

 The Forest School Association describes the practice as: “an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees”. In short: getting kids outdoors and experiencing nature in a number of ways

My first forest school post has been incredibly popular, which makes me so happy! Summer is in full force here and I’ve been trying to get Little Bug out learning about nature so I decided to make up a new Forest School post full of even more activities!

Post to check out: Forest school activities: How to reconnect YOUR kids with nature | Kiddy Charts


Rainbow Nature Hunt | Miss Humblebee

This activity is brilliant for a number of reasons – it keeps the children focused and attentive, prompts them to keep exploring their environment, practice their motor skills, learn colours, and more.


Tree Wrapping | ABC Does

Tree wrapping promotes creativity, motor skills, concentration, and sensory play. Discuss the contrasting textures and colours of the tree and the fabric/ribbons and try to use a lot of different colours and fabrics. You can also try to experiment, using rubbish bag strips, newspaper, ribbons, fabric scraps, rope, washing line, tinsel…everything basically!


Ice Flowers | ABC Does

Help to beat the summer heat by making Ice Flowers! These are so cute and make a nice activity to learn about states (make sure to point out the water changing from liquid to solid) and cool off a little. Plus, they’ll melt and water the thirsty plants!


Make Your Own Stick Alphabet | Carle Museum

This one is pretty self-explanatory – motor skills and letters. Done and dusted. Probably easier to say than do though!


Simple Bug Hotel | Red Ted Art

We made bug hotels at the summer fair this year and they were so much fun! We used drilled wood but these simple bug hotels from recycled plastic bottles are a great (and easier) way to recycle and get the kids involved in conservation efforts.


Natural Alphabet Hunt

The original source for this seems to be gone but the idea stands alone. This is a great way to start a longer-running project, maybe travelling to other places like the beach to complete it.

It merges motor skills, creativity, letters, as well as bringing in technology skills – meeting nature with technology and teaching balance is a good skill to pass on.

This idea also adheres to the idea of preserving a natural environment – you can leave all the materials where you found them, just using the picture as a take home. Plus it would make a lovely poster or scrapbook page when you’re done.


Nature Portraits | Adventure in a Box

I love this idea! I think these portraits are beautiful and so versatile – such a great outlet for creativity but also simple and easy to source/clean away.

Happy learning!

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Forest School Inspired Activities - Ideas for getting kids out and learning in nature | Lolly Locket

Forest School Inspired Activities – Ideas for Getting Kids Out and Learning in Nature | Lolly Locket

As always, you can find more ideas on my “Kids: Outdoor and Nature” Pinterest Board!

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