Saturday Situation | 24.6.17

It’s the weekend, lollies! I hope your day is bright and restful.

Here’s the situation for me this Saturday:


Eating | So much salad

Our veggies are starting to come through in earnest and I can barely wait until I can start picking them! Until then, we’re making do with shop bought. When it’s hot, I can’t stand big meals, so it’s been salad and tapas-style bits and bobs. At least this heatwave has done something positive for my health!

Reading | A History of Modern Britain (Andrew Marr)

Still. I told you, it’s a brick. One I’m thoroughly enjoying though.

Watching | Jamestown

It was the season one finale last night and I can’t wait for the second! I’m so glad it got renewed early so I could enjoy it without worrying it was all going to end as I do with so many of my favourite programs.

Listening | Mystery podcasts

I’m on an unsolved kick at the moment, so my playlist has been full of mystery podcasts and ‘whodunnit’ theories.

Trying | To sew bunting

It’s a new skill for me, and one I seem to be half decent at. It’s little bugs birthday pretty soon and we’re going to be decking it out with homemade rainbow pennants. I can’t wait to see them waving semi-wonkily in the breeze!

Loving | Political documentaries

Listen, I’m a nerd. My dad been teaching me about politics since I was knee high or less and in the current climate there some damn good ones to watch.

Whatever you’re doing I hope you enjoy your weekend!


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