8 Podcasts For When You Can’t Get Enough True Crime

Some hobbies, you can talk about in polite company. Locket, what do you enjoy? Oh you know, photography, baking, and if I’m honest, I have a keen fascination with serial killers and the like.

(My parents really shouldn’t have watched quite as much Crime Watch with tiny Locket in the room and my mum definitely shouldn’t have let me see Silent Witness, and yet…)

I’ve always been the type of person that had to solve the puzzle and needed to know exactly what was going on in a person’s head. I studied Philosophy and Psychology for a reason and that’s because I’m a nerd. But I’m not a nerd alone.


The True Crime community has been around forever – people have always been intrigued by the complexities of mysteries and macabre, but it’s really done a number the last couple of years. I think we’ve all just started owning up to our interests and talking about it more. Whether you’re a newbie or an aged detective, you can always find a fresh case to study.

This post is by no means a comprehensive round up of True Crime podcasts, it’s not even all the one’s I listen to, but it’s some of my favourites.

1| My Favorite Murder

Every stinking time, I go to spell this the British way. I’ll forgive them because I love them so much.


The podcast is hosted by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, and honestly, they’re so funny, friendly, and real (read: uncensored, get it girls), that it feels less like tuning into a radio show and more like you’re stepping in to your favourite weekly girl gang book club. Only, instead of best sellers, there’s…corpses.

Karen and Georgia discuss the cases in such a way that it never cheapens them, they speak bravely about their own struggles and experiences, they tell the perps exactly where to go, and somehow make existential dread an entertaining experience. The community around the show is so supportive and warm, you almost forget you bonded over death and destruction.

If you’re not listening to MFM, are you really a true crime enthusiast? I don’t know, but you’re definitely not a murderino.

You can stay sexy and not get murdered by listening to them here.

2| All Killa No Filla


All Killa No Filla is another of my absolute favourite true crime shows featuring two ladies killing it. Is that counted as a bad choice of words? No, I think it’s perfect.

Again, it’s pretty uncensored, completely hilarious, and you get drawn in to feeling like you’re sat right there with them.

Check them out here.

3| Someone Knows Something


I came in late to the Someone Knows Something first season and binged my way through it to catch up. We’ve just finished the second now, each follows a different missing person case, and it’s still as engaging and heart wrenching as the first.

SKS goes full detective, tracking down people involved in cold cases, to try to find new insights, information, and hopefully, some closure.

You can join the hunt here.

4| Thinking Sideways


Thinking Sideways is one of my absolute favourite podcasts. It doesn’t only cover true crime, they do weird mysteries as well, but it’s a absolute must listen.

The team do great research, go all in on their theories, and generally provide amazing and hilarious content.

Give it a listen here.

5| Last Podcast On The Left


I have no idea how to describe Last Podcast on the Left? It’s…what it is – hilarious, inappropriate, comprehensive, and engaging.

The guys do great research to bring you into the cases – whether it’s a true crime case, a conspiracy theory, a weird mystery…aliens. It’s pretty explicit so heads up on that one but if you’re looking for a podcast about murder, let’s be honest here, you’re good with it.

You can check them out here.

6| True Crime Garage


True Crime Garage is another one of those ‘hanging out with your best buds talking about some murder’ podcasts. It has a great feel to it and the presenters really bring their personality. I never miss an episode, and they often do really good two parters to keep you wanting more.

You can find them here.

7| Generation Why


Generation Why has 4 years of content to catch up on, and it’s worth doing. They cover a truly comprehensive range of cases and they add to it every week.

They cover not only murders but also mysteries, disappearances, cryptids, pretty much everything mysterious.

They’re over here.

8| Missing


I remember listening to Missing in my breaks from writing  my dissertation which may have been a subconscious plea to get the hell out of there.

The podcast is a little bit different from the other’s on this list, but it’s a good one, and it appeals to that part of my mind that has to solve the mystery and think about all the theories.

Missing is hosted by Tim Weaver, an author who writes about a missing persons investigator, and the podcast looks into why and how people just disappear in the real world. He speaks to both people who try to find, and hide, missing people and tries to uncover the mysteries of going missing.

In the follow up, Tim himself tries to disappear, while investigators search for him, and takes the listener on the journey. It’s exciting, and a little bit terrifying, and I know I started to re-evaluate my life and side-eyeing my security settings.

If you want to join the hunt, you can find it here.

Did I miss your favourite? Let me know what true crime podcast you can’t get enough of in the comments!





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