5 Places to Spring Clean You Might Not Have Thought Of


1| Email

I had a friend in college who had over 1000 unread emails in her inbox. Over. 1000. I have no idea how a person even accumulates that many emails but she did it. At that point, the best strategy might just be to wipe it all and start over. A clean inbox can do wonders for helping you feel organised and it’s just a click or two away.

Once you’ve cleaned up your inbox you can do a number of things to save yourself a job in future and make your life so much easier:

  • create folders and categories;
  • set up automatic actions to put emails straight into folders and categories based on keywords;
  • unsubscribe from emails and delete accounts to stop you getting unwanted mail.

2| Pinterest

I gutted my Pinterest at the start of the year and oh my goodness, there were so many broken links, things I wasn’t interested in anymore, and just unorganised mess.

Go through your likes and pin things to the right boards. Make your boards more specific and create sub-categories.

You can click and drag your boards into a new order as well to help group things together – I put all my recipe boards one after the other, my crafting boards together etc.


3| Back-Ups and Cloud Storage

I still have my high school essays in the cloud. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe because every time I go to delete them I think about how much time was spent on them and chicken out.

Back-Ups and Cloud Storage are such easy places to get cluttered. How many times do you look at something and tell yourself “but I might need it”? It’s not like a shelf in your house that you look at everyday – you can hide away digital files and max out your space for no reason. Go through all your back ups and clean away anything that’s not needed anymore.

4| Social Media

Unfollow accounts that no longer update or aren’t relevant to your interests anymore. Delete old embarrassing posts. Clean up your photos, links, likes, and bios. An important thing to do is check your security settings – what are you sharing? With who? It’s also good to update your passwords every so often as well.


5| Get your phone in line

You need to both digitally and physically spring clean your phone. My phone is also moving from my hand, to my pocket, to my bag, to the counter, to the floor (I only mean that to happen half the time!), to my nephews mouth sometimes. Basically, it’s a germ bucket. Sanitise it and your accessories (the case, your headphones, your charms).

Next, clear out your apps. Check out what’s sharing what information, what’s using your data in your background, change the settings. Delete anything you don’t use regularly that’s taking up a ton of space. Sort out your photos into folders or delete them.

What are you doing to spring clean? Let me know in the comments!


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