Negativity Detox Series | Week Two

Last week on the Negativity Detox, we cleared out our online world and got our social media in order. This week we’re focusing on the physical.

| Not sure what you’ve walked into? Check out the first Week’s Detox for an explanation! |

No matter how much we focus on other things, we live entirely in our physical world. We can’t escape the space around us and it’s impact on our body and mind. So this week, we’re going to take steps to get our living space in the best, positive, shape it can be!


1| Clear the clutter

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the massive clear-out of my wardrobe. I ended up removing 3 boxes of clothes that either didn’t fit me, didn’t look good, pieces I hadn’t worn in months (or years!) or even still had the tags on. Remember last week when I talked about my inability to emotionally detach from things? It leads me to own 5 pairs of jeans that won’t get close to my hips anymore. And once they were gone, I felt so much freer.


I’ve since cleared out my art supplies, de-cluttered my shelves, sorted through my library, and got about a 1/3 of the way through my kitchen. Once you get going, it’s easy to roll over the motivation into another task. The only downside is the giant stack of boxes in the backroom that needs donating/selling. I’ll get there. Small steps.

Before and After

I know de-cluttering is hard for a lot of people, it is for me too. When working through it, I asked myself some very honest questions:

  • Does it fit? Does it look good? I still tried to convince myself that I might one day fit back in a pair of shorts I bought when I was 16. It’s not happening. If it doesn’t fit, it’s gone.
  • Do I have something else that can take its place? I don’t need 5 pairs of jeans anyway. I don’t need 3 sets of cutlery. I don’t need 4 corkscrews or 3 pizza cutters. I had the same book twice in different covers for no earthly reason, other than I own so many books I probably forgot I’d bought it the first time. If you have duplicates, or multiple similar items, get gone. In future, look for more multi-purpose items to stop you re-building a collection.
  • Does it make me happy? I might need it. I might. I don’t like it that much, I mean it’s fine. I might need it though. No. You won’t. You don’t even like it. Bin.
  • Will I even notice it’s gone? Listen, if you had to move a ton of stuff to find it, just bin it before you try to convince yourself otherwise. You haven’t used it in months, you’re not going to use in in future. (I mean within reason, exercise good judgement people, I don’t know your lives!)

When you’re done, donate as much as you can to charity to put some positivity back into the world.

2| Plant healthy seeds

Now that you’ve cleansed your space of clutter, it’s time to nurture positivity. Make the things you love the most more visible. Find things that make you happy – I added bright colours, more photographs, and fairy lights to my room and it looks so much cosier in here now.

Maximise your use of light – look at where you put your furniture as well, is it making the space look bigger and brighter? Is it letting in enough heat? Are things easy to access and visible to you?

My favourite part of my room is my wide window, with my succulent, and candles on it. I hung a giant paper flower in the corner to frame it and when the light shines in, I feel more positive in seconds. If you suffer from depression, light can make a big difference to your mood, so make sure even if you do nothing else that day, you open your curtains wide. Plants are great for purifying the air and they’re also just beautiful.

3| Little and Often

The key to keeping your space in its best shape is to do little, often. I make sure to do a 5 minute round up every night before bed so that I don’t wake up to a messy room and start my day in a frizz. A little run round to put clothes back in the wardrobe or in the wash basket, clear my desk, and chuck all my bits back in their baskets leaves my room feeling clear and fresh.

I’ve put a little basket by my bed with my glasses case, my book, my headphones, my phone, my cream etc. to stop the sideboard being full of stuff. Set a system in place ahead of time and save yourself the trouble, it makes it easier to set and keep the habit.

Keeping on top of things is the best way to avoid cluttering up your space and needing to do massive clear outs. Stop it forming in the first place. Putting things straight back where they come from as soon as you’re done with them is another thing I’ve started doing and it’s helped a lot.

Generally, I don’t bring anything in to my bedroom until it’s sorted now. I used to have a stack of bills and statements and receipts on my shelf – now it goes straight in the file or in the bin. I never have a stack to sort through. I fold the laundry downstairs so it’s ready to put straight away once I get upstairs and stops me dumping it on the chair or bed to deal with later. Dealing with the little things, while it’s a pain to start the habit, leads to me doing less work in the long run.

Hope this series is helping! Do you have any more tips? Let me know in the comments!


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