4 Things To Do On Your Blog When You Don’t Have a Post to Write

It can be easy to forget how much work goes into blogging. Every so often a post pops up in your feed and your read it, you like it, you delete it, you do whatever. And then you go on with your day.

All the behind the scenes gets lost in the background, so when you don’t have any post ideas, it can seem like you’re stuck with nothing to do. But that isn’t true! There’s a ton of work you can do to help keep your blog running smooth and sparkling and so today’s post is about all the other things you can do on your blog when you don’t have a post to write.

By the way – if you’re having trouble finding inspiration, why not check out my list of over 100 post prompts!

1| Build up a collection of photos ready to go

The part of blogging that takes most time for me isn’t actually writing the posts. Or at least it doesn’t feel that way. Once I have an idea and start writing I find it pretty easy to finish it up in a sitting. But photos? Photos take a long time. Getting the right lighting, the right look, the right props. It takes ages.

A really productive thing to do when you don’t have any post ideas is take photos ahead of time, or find them on stock sites. Build up a collection of relevant images ahead of time and save yourself the worry later. If you have a specific theme you like to blog about then take some generic images of your most used props, your desk, create some themed flat lays you know you’ll use. Liking images on stock sites that might come in handy later is even easier – it takes nothing more than a few clicks.



21 Places to Find Blog Worthy Photos

18 More Places to Find Blog Worthy Photos

2| Get organised

Make sure you’re blog is working it’s best by keeping it organised. Even if you don’t have any ideas for new content, you need to keep the old stuff in line.

Check that links are still working, photos are up to date, tags are…tagged and useful. Creates collections and categories, add updates, edit things a little. Plus, looking through your old posts might inspire you or at the least you can do a round-up of your favourite/most popular posts.

Look ahead to the future – just because you don’t have a post for right now doesn’t mean you don’t have ideas for something that’s happening months from now. Scheduling posts – or at least setting out a rough draft or a timetable – can really help take some pressure off. Things like silly national days are a great way to prepare a post in advance – do a round-up of recipes for National Pancake Day. Why not?


Editing Old Blog Posts | DorkFace

3| Boost your social media

Social media is a great way to get your blog out there and also to create connections and find content you love. Think about how you find new blogs and boost your social media.

On your end, you can make sure your bio is up to date, your links are working, that your icons are visible and functioning. Go on a follow spree and find new content to read. Join lists and groups and connect with other bloggers. Participating in a chat is a great way to do this. Update your photos and banners to make them consistent, current, and true to your vision for the blog.

Organise your likes – if you’re on Pinterest get them into boards or delete them – and the accounts you follow. Clear out any that don’t update anymore, that aren’t relevant to your interests, and group blogs together by content theme.


4| Step back from the blog

Stepping back from your blog and sorting out your stuff on this side of the screen might seem to be counter productive but it can greatly benefit your blogging experience.

Make sure your workspace is clean and efficient. Put something positive, that makes you happy, right where you can see it. Create a vision board for the blog, or just your life in general, to help you work out where you want to go with it all. Go out and have an adventure and then you can blog about it later. My best art often comes from a mistake or an experiment so why shouldn’t the same be for your blog?

Over-thinking is such a creativity killer and stepping back and clearing your mind can help you come back fresh and fabulous. Boredom isn’t the enemy – it’s the cleanser.


What do you do on your blog when you’re out of posts? Let me know in the comments!






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