100 Ways to Put Positivity Out into the World


| I was originally going to post this for ‘World Kindness Day‘ (yeah sometimes I draft posts that far in advance) but with all the negativity that’s happening right now, I figured we needed this a little sooner. |

One of my favourite local places is Jenny Wren’s. It’s a cafe where you can decorate ceramics and it’s exactly as cute and welcoming as it sounds. Strangely enough, one of my favourite areas is the toilet! Yep. Just wrote that on my blog.

The walls of the bathroom are all decorated and painted beautifully and you can see their great little ‘take something extra’ poster in the picture up above.


I think sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the negatives and not focus on the good. Sometimes we forget how a little bit of kindness can go a really long way. Something I’ve been really working on for a long time is making a conscious effort to create, consume, and spread positivity and it honestly makes such a difference.

A lot of things on this list are no-brainer, common sense, ‘everyone should be doing that anyway’ points but there’s a difference between should do and are doing. So I put them in any way.

They range from 2-second ‘smile at a stranger’ to actions that take a little more thought, effort, and money, but I think the important thing is that you do something.

  • Comment on a blog post
  • Like someone’s photo
  • Leave an inspirational message somewhere public
  • Leave a note in a library book
  • Pay it forward
  • Write thank you notes
  • Connect with your neighbours
  • Write a blog post about good things that happened to you that week
  • Promote your favourite blogger
  • Promote a new blogger
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Surprise someone with a little gift for no reason
  • Donate to a charity, including donating clothes etc.
  • Sign a petition
  • Wish someone a great day
  • Offer your seat to someone on public transport
  • Tell someone you like their outfit/hair/make-up
  • Buy from a small business/Promote their shop
  • Rate/review a podcast
  • Volunteer
  • Pick up litter
  • Send a message to someone/reconnect with someone you’ve not spoke to in a while
  • Leave cookies in the break/staff room
  • Sponsor someone doing a charity run/event
  • Donate blankets to an animal shelter
  • Leave good feedback – a lot of the time people only think to leave a review/feedback when they’ve had a negative experience and want to warn others away but I think it’s super important to make sure we acknowledge the good as well
  • Find out what a local homeless shelter needs and help them out (socks are apparently a really in need item that people don’t always think to donate!)
  • Tell a new parent they’re doing a good job
  • Help someone reach something in a shop
  • Leave a bigger tip than usual
  • Ask someone about their day
  • Start a positivity Pinterest board
  • Watch a video that doesn’t have a lot of views – you’ll make a person’s day!
  • Find other people working on the same thing you are – mastering a skill, learning a language – and support each other
  • Try to reframe a conversation from negative to positives
  • Do something to thank the people working at your local fire station/police station/hospital

Let it.

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  • Make an extra effort to use your manners, even when you’re frustrated
  • Be a good listener
  • Make a happy playlist and share it online
  • Suggest a book/show that made you happy to someone who needs a pick up
  • A local church does visits to the care home for those that don’t have relatives to go and visit them – see if there’s something like this in your area
  • Put flowers, lights, or decorations in your window – you know that feeling when you’re walking around before Christmas and everyone has beautiful decorations in the window? That shouldn’t just be for Christmas.
  • Hold the door for someone
  • Stick change to the front of a vending machine so someone can get themselves a treat
  • Pay for someone’s parking
  • Have a family night and spend some quality time together
  • Start a book swap/take one leave one
  • Compliment an artist’s work
  • Make a retail workers day easier by putting something back in its right place in a shop, even if it means a little extra walk
  • Go a day only saying kind things
  • Remember to thank your bus driver before you get off
  • Make and donate hats or blankets to the local hospital for cancer patients and premature/NICU babies
  • Find a letter writing charity – I know they do these for a number of different things like writing to prisoners and soldiers
  • Welcome a new neighbour to the building/street
  • Offer to take a picture for a tourist
  • Hold the elevator for someone
  • Put a cute note in your child’s/SO’s lunch for them to find
  • Do someone else’s chores
  • Let someone else pick the film/radio station
  • Support an organisation that help support people through tough times – if you’re stuck for one I’d recommend Pyjama Fairies. They sew specially designed pyjamas for babies and children who are having surgery since they can’t wear normal baby grows and pyjamas in theatre. A lovely stranger donated money to pay for my nephew’s set and it made us all tear up when we found out! Little things can really affect people in such a positive way.
  • Make a drink for someone else when you get up to make your own
  • Donate your hair after a haircut
  • Offer to run an errand for a friend or neighbour
  • Be patient with a busy retail worker/barista
  • Host a giveaway
  • Leave a positive post it on your co-workers desks
  • Eat lunch with someone new who doesn’t know where to sit yet
  • Follow a charities social media – you can help boost their rankings and draw attention to a good cause
  • Offer to take out the rubbish/recycling for your neighbours
  • Offer to bring the mail up for people living on the higher floors of your building and save them the trip
  • Help create a green space in your community – no matter how small!


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  • Help an intern/student out with a task – having been a student teacher I know how far this can go to brighten someone’s day!
  • Contact a news outlet/journalist and let them know how important their work is and how much you value their reporting
  • Show up to support a local sports team that might not have a big crowd cheering them on
  • Donate magazines to somewhere with a waiting room
  • If you see a bike seat without a cover and it’s starting to rain, chuck a plastic bag or something over it and save a poor commuters bum
  • Leave a note on your door/mail box to thank who delivers your milk/post – you couldn’t drag me out of bed that early
  • Let someone take your parking spot (when you’re not in a rush and can afford to do an extra loop)
  • If someone says something nice about someone and they’re not there, pass it on next time you see them and let them know people are thinking positively about them
  • Chat to someone at a bus stop

What the world needs now is compassion ♡

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  • Make a drink for the person doing work/repairs on your house
  • Remember that often the person you end up dealing with/complaining to isn’t the person who made the mistake – customer service jobs suck. It’s your job to get shouted at for someone else’s mistakes. Take a deep breath, wait a minute, and treat these people kindly. You might be the only person to be nice to them that shift.
  • Be mindful of other’s efforts – don’t walk on the wet floor, return things from where you found them, re-fold that jumper you decided you didn’t actually want to buy after all.
  • Send a dessert over to the teenagers on the first date at the place you’re eating at and help them make a special memory
  • Make someone breakfast in bed
  • Make sure everyone in the conversation gets to talk
  • Keep tissues in your bag for when someone else can’t find one
  • Put in a good word with someone’s manager
  • Wash everyone’s mugs up for them
  • Share your gum
  • Share positive news stories – it’s easy to get swamped by all the bad things happening in the world
  • If another group leaves their trays at the table, clear it away before the server gets there and save them a job (the ‘it’s their job to clean it up’ attitude really annoys me, it’s not an excuse to be lazy, they’re people too! With feelings! And hard thankless jobs! It’s the least you can do!)
  • Write a positive/inspirational quote on a whiteboard, notice board, or another visible place for everyone to see
  • Tell your child’s teacher when your child likes them and says nice things about them and let them know you appreciate their hard work – again, I was a student teacher, and having a parent say ‘oh so you’re the new teacher! (name) keeps talking about how much fun they’re having doing their project’ was the greatest praise I could ever get. Didn’t matter if all my lessons that day had gone totally wrong, I went home beaming those days.
  • Forgive someone’s mistake – unless it’s the end of the world, you’ll get over it. They probably already feel bad enough as it is.
  • Let people know when they’ve made an impact on you and share kind acts. I love reading tweets like ‘thank you to the stranger who handed my lost wallet in/paid for my coffee/stood up for someone to a bully today’. Spread the good vibes around.
  • Ask how someone is doing. That’s it just…ask. Sometimes that’s all someone needs – to know someone cares.
  • Stand up for something on behalf on someone. People sometimes can’t stand up for themselves in fear of outing a secret, they might be LGBTQ in a hostile environment, have a hidden illness they don’t want everyone to know about, be struggling with something that’s difficult to talk about – be an advocate and lend your voice to those who can’t raise theirs.
  • Find someone who’s put out a call for something like sending a card to someone who is ill and doesn’t have a lot of family or to send toys to a child during a long-term hospital stay. Think about those ‘inspirational’ news stories where they put up a Facebook post expecting to get maybe 10 cards and instead people from all over the world send messages of support.


And finally, make your own list and spread the love!






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