10 Themed Notebooks to Keep

10 Themed Notebooks To Keep | Lolly Locket

1| Goals Notebook

I’m so bad at following through with my goals. I always come up with great ideas, map them out in my head, and then do nothing with them. This year has been all about making stuff happen for me, so it’s a good time to maybe start one of these myself.

Use the pages to brainstorm new ideas, break down the steps you need to take to achieve them, and track your progress. Having a visual reminder and prompts can be really great when you’re demoralised or struggling to keep a habit.

Similar to a bullet journal, but more like a dedicated project of its own.

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2| A Quotes Journal

I usually add quotes to my art journal but I’ve been thinking about starting a dedicated notebook just for them. Since I’ve got more time to read lately, and I’ve been reading more poetry, I’m collecting quotes more and more. Quotes journals are also great for collating words which provide inspiration.

3| Recipe Journal


No, not like a recipe book in the traditional sense. This is more about the process of trying new recipes than keeping all our favourites together.

When trying new recipes, it can be good to keep a record of what worked, what didn’t, what you’d change based on your own tastes, ways to diversify a basic recipe etc. When you find a new recipe, start a new page for it, then when you cook it you can add your thoughts alongside and keep a record. It’s like writing your own cook book!

It’d be good as well to add a page at the beginning with conversions, like from grams to cups, so you don’t have to stop to google every five minutes like I used to. You can put your shopping lists in it as well and use it to meal plan.

4| Colour Journal

Colours make me so happy! I use Pinterest to keep a digital colour journal, but then I also end up with a stack of magazine cuttings and packaging that I love as well. Putting them all in a colour journal can make a really lovely collection.

You can swatch inks, paints, make-up, collage in it, whatever you find. Make it a rainbow or do single colour themed pages.

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5| Doodle book

I’m constantly doodling. Especially when I’m on the phone or doing something not necessarily physically engaging. My brain is working but my hands need something to do. I usually end up putting them in my art journal or just scrapping them but starting a doodle book is a great way to preserve your creations.

Zentangling is such a peaceful, creative, and engaging activity and dedicating a book just to that is a great way to relax and express yourself.

6| Positivity scrapbook

A positivity scrapbook is a great place to collect everything that makes you happy. Quotes, pictures, anything that reminds you to stay positive and helps lift your mood. You can add lists of things that make you happy, record good things that happened that day, and create a record of all the beautiful things you find.

Positivity scrapbooks can help you combat negative thoughts and make a purposeful decision to put more good vibes out into the world. Think of it as a reverse Pandora’s Box. Everytime you open it, the world get’s a little bit lighter.

7| Moodboard scrapbook

I love moodboarding. I’ve always had a thing for cutting out magazines and creating collages and, being a visual person, it’s a great way to help me work on  my goals and stay positive and productive. If you want to make a more permanent, or maybe more private, record try a journal instead. It works the same way, it just goes between pages instead of on your wall.

8| Bucket List Journal

Similar to a goal notebook, but based solely around your bucket list. You can use it to get new ideas, trim your list, track your progress, whatever you want. Remember to add in things you’ve already done – a lot of people only focus on what they could achieve, and forget about what they already have.

9| Gratitude Journal

I keep saying I’m going to start a gratitude journal, and then I don’t, so maybe this post will get me going on one! Tracking all the things you’re grateful for can help you become more self-aware and content. It can help you realise what you already have and stop you from seeking out new, unnecessary things. And it makes you feel good.

10| Daily Journal

I’ve tried daily journaling before and never stuck to it. I always over think the writing and forget that it’s just meant to be an outlet. If you’re stuck in the same way, try doing a bullet point list of events rather than writing it out like a retelling.

Track something positive that happened that day, a milestone you reached, what you listened to, what you ate etc. That way you have a record of your life to look back on and remember the tiny little things that you’d probably forget otherwise! I always think the smallest things are the most interesting as time passes because we don’t pay as much attention to them.


What do you keep in your notebooks? Let me know in the comments!


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