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And we’re back for another installment of Locket Reviews Anxiety Apps!

Some notes before we start: I use the iPhone 6 and all the apps in this series will be free or free versions because, let’s be honest, I’m broke!


Today’s app is called Headspace. I first saw this app scrolling through Twitter and decided to give it a look. It’s another mindfulness/meditation app and as you can see, it’s got pretty great reviews.

2| Headspace

Type: Meditation/Mindfulness

Price: Free, with premium version

App Store Rating: 5


When you first open the app you’ll be prompted to create an account. You can do this with your Facebook, Spotify, or an email. It also lets you set up reminder notifications to help you keep the habit going.


Next comes the little guided tour and there’s a video after this with beautiful animation explaining the best way to use the app.

Now comes the first session. They explain that it’s structured over 10 days and I really like the look and feel of the app already. Similar to the Mindfulness app I reviewed in the first part of this series, there’s a central play button that continues around as the session progresses except this one breathes. I noticed as I watched that the blob (and I love that it’s not a perfect circle either) expands and contracts slowly, guiding your breathing. I love this feature and it’s great for a visual stimulus to focus on.

The voice is very relaxing, the meditation is slow and natural. It’s very well guided, especially if you’ve never done meditation before and aren’t sure what to do, and when.

The first meditation asks you to focus on the external sounds for a while which is great – it’s not an app that expects you to have a place of total silence and also teaches you to integrate external sounds and potential stressors and work with them, rather than blocking them out. As someone who has sensory issues and gets sensory overload during times of high anxiety and panic, this is a really great technique I’ve been trying to work more on.

There’s a section with a guided breathing exercise and some time to sit in the silence and connect with your thoughts. I really enjoyed the first session and felt much more connected and relaxed at the end. it says it’s a 10 minute session but it’s more like 12, just to let you know if you’re on a strict timetable!


At this point I explored the rest of the app. There is a ‘series’ section with premium content, covering skills in a pretty wide range of areas.

The ‘singles’ section is also premium content.

There’s also a ‘kids’ section with very short activities to do together but again, this is premium content.


The final section I look at was the profile section and I really appreciate the progress tracking and this cute little page:


Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really like the app. The free portion is enough that I can use it alone and I really found the session to be useful. The design and feel of the app is beautiful and the animations are fantastic. I think it would be another great place to start if you’re new to mindfulness and meditation.

I’ll have to update the review once I’ve used all the meditations but as a first impression, i’m…impressed.


You can find the app’s website here: Headspace

Have you tried this app? Have one to recommend? Let me know in the comments!





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