21 Sites to Find Blog Worthy Photos

I started with photography when I was about 15. I inherited my granddad’s vintage camera collection and just got hooked.

But I’m an arty kind of person. So when it came to taking ‘bloggy’ photos, ehhh, I’m ok I guess. I’m honest enough to own up that it’s a whole different skill set and the perfect instagram ready flat-lay is not part of my wheelhouse yet.

And it’s not just technical skills that can hold you back.

What if you don’t have the space? Or the props?

What if you suddenly have a great idea for a post at 11pm in the middle of winter and the light isn’t there?

What if you want to make a post about forest fairies but you live in the city?

There’s a whole host of reasons why you can’t take ‘blog-worthy’ or appropriate photos.


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So what can you do?

I love using sites like Pixabay to find free to use stock photos. Sites like these go out and find Public Domain photos and share them with you so you can make your posts pop at the click of a mouse.

Free Stock Sites + Sources:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Life of Pix
  4. Magdeleine (*)
  5. Wonderlass (*)
  6. Creative Convex (*)
  7. Start Up Stock Photos
  8. StokPic (*)
  9. Splitshire
  10. Unsplash (*)
  11. Freely Photos
  12. Gratisography
  13. Negative Space
  14. Kaboom Pics (*)
  15. Designer Pics
  16. IM Creator (*)
  17. Stock Snap
  18. Ashley Creates Things (*)
  19. Fancy Crave
  20. PicJumbo (*)
  21. Jay Mantri

A (*) marks a site that requires (or at least ask really nicely for) attribution. I might have missed some so make sure to check if you need to attribute photos or not (you should really do this anyway).

More importantly, please, please, please: as someone who has had their work stolen before, double check that a photo in fact Public Domain before you use it.

Look for something like a Creative Commons license and phrases like “free for commercial use”. If you’re not sure, do a reserve image search, message them or just don’t use it.

Do you have a site you love to use that I missed? Let me know in the comments!



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