Super Cute Notebooks to Buy and DIY


I’m a total notebook hoarder. I get sucked in by cute covers and pretty papers and then I refuse to use them because then they won’t be pretty and new anymore. I’m aware of my problem and yet, I find myself browsing for more notebooks. So instead of buying them all for myself, I decided to make a post about them! To be honest, all of these could be DIY-ed in maybe 15 minutes or under!

1| Set of three striped notebooks | StudioSarah

These notebooks are so goshdarn pretty!

BUY: £20 on Net-a-Porter

DIY: Get some pretty washi tape and stripe away on a plain notebook.

2| Think Less Do More large exercise book | Paperchase

I love inspirational quote stationary.

BUY: £4.50 on Paperchase

DIY: Doodle over your notebook cover or glue on a quote printable.

3| A$ Spinout Notebook | Cotton On

BUY: NZD$7.99 on Cotton On

DIY: Print out your favourite Instagram pics and collage the covers.

4| I Did My Best Mini Notebook |

BUY: Macy’s says ‘this product is currently unavailable’ but here’s the link in case it gets re-stocked.

DIY: Use letter stickers to create your own cute quote journal.

5| “So Well Composed” Spiral Notebook | Kate Spade

BUY: £16 on Amara

DIY: Use a thick marker or stickers to create this polka dot look.



This post contains affiliate links. I never recommend anything I wouldn’t trust and buy myself.


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