7 Places to Find Inspiration




Pinterest | I mean I’m 99% sure you’re already using Pinterest but on the off chance you’re not, DO IT. It’s a rabbit hole of inspiration and so easy to use and organise. You can pin images from sites and organise them into boards. As mentioned, it’s easy to spiral down with this one as each time you save something it recommends other pins and boards you might like. Which is great for ideas, not so much for organising your time. You can follow me on Pinterest here.


Polyvore | Polyvore is one of the website I’ve been using the longest because it’s just so good. I started using it for window shopping but it became such a great place to find inspiration. You can save images, kinda like pinning, and then create categories, collections, outfits, anything you want! Polyvore is great for quickly putting together moodboards and they’ve got a great tagging system and templates to help you organise.


StumbleUpon | Stumble Upon is a really great way to find inspiration when you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. They call themselves a ‘discovery engine’ which is a pretty good description. It’ll send you to a random page based on the interests you put in and recommend content for you to look at. I’ve found some pages I would have never thought to look up using StumbleUpon and it’s always cool waiting for the page to load


WeHeartIt | WeHeartIt is similar to Pinterest, but more about the images themselves the content behind it. Less tutorials, more aesthetic. It’s basically a giant moodbard and it’s my go to when looking for visual inspiration. Just a note – WHI has a reputation for really bad sourcing so please practice good etiqutte as you would anywhere else and ensure credit is given to the creators.

Screenshot 2017-01-04 11.38.09.png

Tumblr | Tumblr is such a varied source of inspiration and it’s so easy to personalise your dashboard. You can follow both topics and blogs and there’s a big creative community to draw from. It’s super easy to reblog and collate all your ideas – I post my inspiration and aesthetic stuff on the lollylocket tumblr.


Instagram | Yeah so again, 99% sure you’re either using or browsing Instagram but still, it’s a heavy hitter for a reason. When I remember to post I do it at lolly__locket.

Screenshot 2017-01-05 14.50.38.png

Bloglovin | Bloglovin is such a great way to find inspiration and new sources to draw from. It creates a single feed for all the blogs you follow and is really great at recommending relevant bloggers for you. You can follow me here if you’d like!


Where do you find your inspiration?


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