5 Min DIY: Floating Moodboard

Hey lovies! I have been a busy bee the last few days – my 2017 is definitely off to a productive start. Yesterday was spent clearing out all my crafting supplies and setting up my new workspace – look how cute it is!

featuring my Grandmother’s quilt.


The upstairs of my house is built into the attic (it’s an old mining cottage) and so there’s weird slopey walls everywhere, making arranging my space difficult. But, I got creative, and managed to fit in my beautiful folding desk so I can work away without sarificing my space.

I love that my desk faces the window so I can get a ton of light in but directly in front of me is a plain wall which eeehh not so great for the inspiration and creativity, you know? So, with my newly organised stash, I got together some materials and whipped a super quick solution – A floating moodboard!


I love how it looks and by hanging it from the curtain rail I’m saving my precious walls. It honestly took me about 5 minutes to put together and most of that was trying to cut the string to the right length. I hope you’re more coordinated than me!



  • Corkboard
  • Something to hang it with – I used thick string but you could use anything as long as it can take the weight
  • Screw in picture hooks
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil

So, first I measured the width? length? the top part of the corkboard and put little pencil marks to guide me. I set them in a little, about 3 inches from each side and then halved the remaining length to get a central hook. I tried to balance out the weight as much as possible.


Now I realise you can’t see the marks properly but they’re there.

One of the screws was a little stubborn so I did poke a little guide hole in the middle but it depends on how tough the border of your board is, you might be fine to just screw them straight in.


Once they were in I measured the height of the board and then measured the space from the curtain rail to the desk. I worked out how much string I needed from this. Make sure you measure the length of the corkboard and allow enough space for it to hang clear.

Once I knew how much string I needed, I added a loop allowance (is that a thing, i’m making it a thing) and cut it to measure. Thread it through and level it up as best as possible – you can always adjust it once it’s hanging. I tied the string around itself a few times and I found it was better to have a really wide loop so I wasn’t struggling to move it along the rail into place.

My loops are going to be covered by my paper flowers but if yours are going to be visible you could add some beading or something to make them fancier.


Hook it onto your rail, shimmy the string about to make sure it’s level and voila! Floating moodboard right where you need it! My workspace looks so much better now.


Happy crafting!





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