Five Frugal Things

  1. We saved a chunk of money by ripping up the old kitchen floor ourselves before the tiler comes later in the week. The kitchen re-fit was an unexpected expense so we’re trying to save what we can and not forking out for two days extra pay for a job we could do ourselves is a good start. We had most of the tools we needed so the whole job cost us about a tenner.
  2. Chopped up the old fencing panels for the wood burner and got a supply saved up for when the temperature starts dipping.
  3. We had a good few days of pressure storms before the heatwave kicked in and filled up the water containers so my plants will be well-watered without needing to draw extra water. I also cleared up the yard and composted the leaves in the new tub.
  4. I used the time stuck inside to use a shared (and therefore cheaper) account to marathon shows i’ve been meaning to watch for…about 5 years, read a second-hand book (my library lending website isn’t working for me anymore and I can’t work out why), knitted with gifted wool, and mended my new (to me) cardigan that the dogs had caught and ripped a few stitches out of.
  5. I chased up a payment I should have received and was credited after an annoying process but hey, I got my money. We also complained to one of the appliance companies who’d messed us about a ridiculous amount over a silly problem and were told we’d be receiving some vouchers as compensation, which we weren’t aiming for but will gladly take!

What frugal things have you done this week?


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